Monday, February 11, 2013

Cleanliness, a Problem for More and More Salons

Even though the recession that we have lived through for the past 5 years has taken its toll on many individuals, families, and small businesses, the beauty salon industry actually wasn't hit as hard as many were expecting it to be. Business continued to stay high for a multitude of reasons. A lot of women and men had gotten used to regular visits to salons during more profitable times, and did not want to break the habit; also, with so many having to switch jobs or even careers, it is essential for them to keep themselves looking presentable.

There was, however, many salons in recent years that shut down during the recession. These businesses weren't shut down due to a lack of clientele, but rather due to disrepair and salon owners keeping unclean and unsafe environments. With a little effort and salon remodeling, these businesses could have been saved. The biggest offender that got these salons shut down was the presence of mold. There is a lot of water and humidity that is used in the various salon services that are performed, and sometimes this water can collect in the walls floors, ceilings, and cracks around the salon. Most of the times, it was customers calling the health department on these salons, after customers witnessed moldy salon stations and other equipment.

If your salon has any issues with mold or uncleanliness, there are several services that can help you get back into full working condition before you too lose your salon. U Beauty Salon is a purveyor of salon furniture as well as accesories that can help get your salon looking clean and new again. Contact them today at

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